Scope of Services
Joint Venture Development
Stable Shelters Development Co. Ltd is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to secure and develop land or buildings. The company regularly teams up with joint venture partners with local expertise in order to access off- market transactions.

Real Estate Portfolio Management
Stable Shelters Development Co. Ltd offers consulting services as a client's real estate portfolio manager. Our initial focus, when engaged as a real estate portfolio manager, is on developing a real estate portfolio strategy that would, in the most financial return maximizing manner, leverage a client's equity (cash investment) to generate significant returns on cash invested.
To start this partnership, SSDC and a client would form a special purpose vehicle (SPV). The ongoing purpose of the SPV would be to engage in real estate investment activities such as the acquisition, development, and sale of real estate. The sole responsibility of the client would be to supply seed money for real estate investment projects and, when necessary, sign for debt that SSDC has secured to finance projects. SSDC's responsibility is to provide the managerial labor and technical expertise necessary to develop and execute a business strategy that would maximize the portfolio's financial returns. In providing these services, SSDC charges developer's profit (to be determined) based on some percent of the value and cash flow SSDC have created for the client. Therefore, the client pays no out of pocket fees for our services.

Property Management
Stable Shelters Development Co. Ltd maintains a permanent management team that manages the properties that are held in our portfolio. Moreover SSDC manages the construction on properties we develop and negotiates the most favorable sales and purchase prices on real estate. Consequently, we are able to better control the costs and quality of execution of our projects.

Acquisition and Sales
In addition to property management SSDC also actively pursues the acquisition of undervalued properties by leveraging our extensive knowledge of urban development, as well as our proprietary analytical systems.



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